Monday, September 5, 2011

Rekindling Romance (Thankful Thursdays)

I hadn't bought a novel for myself in nearly three years, even though I have always loved to read. I just didn't make time to read anymore. I started reading early, I was only four when books first started capturing my imagination. I was consumed with a thirst for whatever story or knowledge they could bring. Up until the birth of Muirne I read myself to sleep most nights and completed at least one novel a week. Books. With Chapters. It was amazing and I missed that time immensely.

Recently I had heard so much talk about The Twilight Saga that while out and about Monday I picked up a copy. I finished it Wednesday. I was so excited to rekindle this romance that I had with reading, I picked up the next in the series and finished it in a little over a day. Any chance I had to steal a chapter I took. I was smitten.

I immediately remembered what it was like to be lost in a story while living your own. It brought me such peace and joy to reconnect with this side of myself. A part of me that was unconsciously and unwillingly forgotten until now. A piece of the person I am besides a wife and mother.

I feel refreshed and renewed. I can't wait to read the next two in the series and am looking for what to start next (any suggestion on a new series would be welcomed!!). The simple words and fast pace of the Saga were the perfect start to opening myself back up to the love I had forgotten.

Today I am thankful for rekindling a romance, not only with books, but with me.

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