Sunday, June 12, 2011

Garage sales, Prozac, Parks, Comcast,Rodents and Black Lights.

So I had this whole other post in the works, but then I got a phone call this morning that changed everything. FOR THE BETTER. I am so glad now that I didn't complain and publish my last post.

Anyhoo here are some bullets of random-ness for you from squirrelly-ville:
  • Having a garage sale tomorrow and Saturday because I have lost my mind. Should be loads of fun!
  • The Prozac and tranquilizers are working quite well for Lizzard, but I feel a little guilty that her walking into the wall on garbage day amused me.
  • Haven't been back to walk at the park since the last incident with Muirne. Not sure how I am going to approach it next week when we try again.
  • Comcast had to run a new line from the box to our house because some sort of rodent chewed through the old line and killed our box. Yummy.
  • When at the park I had to use the bathroom and on my way in a mouse tried to get out. I think we scared each other enough though because as I cowered in the stall, he cowered behind the garbage can.
  • I bought a black light to find the hidden pee-pee spots from Lizzard on Garbage Days and thought it would be interesting to see what else would show up. BAD IDEA by the way. I will be scrubbing the walls once I have finished with the garage sale:

(That is the "Handiwork" of Bardolf)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Miss My Stretch-Marks??

So the Stretch-Marked Six-Pack trek is going slow. I started it a couple weeks ago and then we went out of town, and started swimming and Muirne had her ballet recital, and I got totally lazy (that enough excuses for you, yes?) and I just have been SLACKING. So Even though this is week four we are calling a do-over and starting at week one again. Because I am SUCKTASTIC I am even going to give you pictures, again, of the front AND side views. I know, you are so excited you can't hardly wait. I also am going to measure my waist, pooch and love handles. I am not posting the measurements (I do have SOME pride people) but I will post whether I have gained or lost inches (or millimeters, whatever it takes). So without further ado here are the soon to be slim and sexy stretch-mark six-pack abs:

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Baby it's Cold Outside!!

The nuttiness is on hold until further notice because of inclement weather. The residents of Squirrelly-Ville are too busy sledding, making snow angels, throwing snowballs and having an all around BLAST! We will resume normal broadcast when the snow melts or we run out of hot chocolate, whichever comes first.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Coming Together

If you have been following my blog (or have known me in real life for any amount of time) you probably know that we have had a long and frustrating journey waiting for Caspian's promotion. To make a long story short, Caspian should have promoted nearly three years ago, but because of issues that had nothing to do with Caspian, but instead those above him, he had to wait. In May he finally got the chance to promote, and was put on the list for promotion. His company chooses the best fit for each position that opens up off of the applicants on that list. We thought that he would have been chosen by now, but he has not. However, it seems now that there is a bigger and better plan for him and us.

Today, I am thankful not only that Caspian has a wonderful career that supports our family, but that he will very soon be rewarded for his patience and hard work. I am so grateful that despite our frustrations we did our best to keep our focus on our goals and to know that there is a perfect plan for us. We are surrounded by family and friends that support and encourage us during this time and for that we are able to enjoy the moments this journey brings. It's all coming together! We are truly fortunate!

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's Garbage Day--Trauma Tuesdays

I really, really hate to complain, in fact I make a very conscious effort to look for ways to be grateful as much as possible, but I. Hate. Garbage. Day.

I took Lizzard on her walk this morning (at 5:30am thank you very much) and of course being that it is Tuesday our morning stroll was nothing like the relaxing exercise meant to start our morning. Oh no, we got the joy of actually watching the yard debris hauler lift the brown bins with the evil arm of the truck and bang the grass clippings into the back of the beast. Sheer terror fills every little fluffy bone in her body and as far as she is concerned her little terrorist life is over.

We continue our walk of hell for the next 30 minutes and I contemplate why it is that I wanted a dog to being with and then why Caspian decided we *had* to have a terrorist instead of a dog known for being at least somewhat sane like a Lab or heck even a cocker spaniel has more sanity then Lizzard. As I get lost in my thoughts one of the debris haulers buddies drives by letting out a loud hiss of the air breaks which sends Lizzard into a pulling frenzy snapping me out of my thoughts of golden retriever goodness and back to the realization that the pavement and I may soon become friends if I don't high-tail it back home before the refuse hauler comes.

Of course I have called the rescue group about her issues and they were "unaware" she had issues...unaware my arse.... I also called the Vet for advice and well they suggested one thing. Sedatives--like the kind they give dogs on Independence day--that and Doggie Prozac. Well ya know it does work for people!

I am still waiting for Cesar to come rescue us from the trauma of Tuesdays, but until then we will endure the fluffy fury of our furry friend, Lizzard the Terrorist.

I Don't Care If You Are Cold...

...I am NOT turning on the furnace! It is JUNE for crying out loud! Where did Spring go and is Summer coming????

Winter Wonderland (T.T.)

Caspian has been on vacation this week, but with Muirne in school until the 19th we have kept our vacation plans close to home. Luckily we have much to do in the Winter in Squirrelly-Ville!

Caspian hung lights.


...and Muirne decorated the tree.

We let our hair blow in the breeze...

...And enjoyed the lights form the car at the race track.

We Ooohed and Awwed at the lights....

....and posed with the animals at the Zoo.

Mostly, we laughed.

**Just noticed that Caspian says something about "poop" in the background on that video...Bwahahaha!!**

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