Friday, August 10, 2012

Don't Answer the Door! It's Child Protective Services!!

Bardolf is going to be the death of me. I know that he is a boy, but CRAP! Does he have to always fall on his head?? I mean it is a big head, but he only has one and his little brains are still developing. I blame his stuttering on all his head trauma. He must hit it at least once a day.

Getting back to my point. Bardolf almost had to be taken to the ER Thursday night, for hitting his head HARD, for the second time in the last 6 months. The kids were in the back yard eating fudge-cicles and I was popping in and out of the back yard and house trying to get a little housework done while they played (our backyard is fully fenced and I can see into it from several large windows while inside--so don't get all high and mighty on me for leaving them back there m'kay?). I grab the garbages from the bathrooms to empty them and then I hear it. THE cry. I rush outside, Bardolf and the wagon that I had put up on the outside toy bin so I could sweep the deck were both on the paved walk next to the deck. I asked Muirne what happened and being that she is 5 her description was vague at best. I rush him into the house and call Caspian to tell him that he may have to come home if I need to take Bardolf to the ER. I then call the Advice Nurse at the Juveniles' Ped's office and she gives me these guidelines:
  1. If he passes out/goes unconscious take him to the ER

  2. If he convulses or seizes take him to the ER

  3. If he falls asleep and cannot be aroused take him to the ER

  4. If he acts dizzy or can't walk take him to the ER
Okay maybe it is just me, but I WOULD FREAK THE HELL OUT if Bardolf did any of those things and call a freaking ambulance. Ummmm don't those things seem kinda like common sense that they are like SUPER BAD? She then asks me if any of those things happened....Yeah. I would NOT have called the Advice Nurse if any of that happened. There must be some real geniuses out there for them to have to spell out those symptoms as needing immediate help.
The last time he went to the ER was because he ran into the corner of our wall and had a lump the size of a large walnut popping out of his forehead within 30 seconds of the accident. That time we took him immediately to the ER calling the doctor on call just to let him know what we were doing. When we got there, we met plenty of judgemental glares and were grilled by EVERY MEMBER OF THE ER STAFF about what happened. I thought for sure CPS would be knocking on my door later that week. My description of the accident must have been good though because they never came...After this incident though, who knows!
Okay so after getting him calmed down and back into clothes (he wanted to be nekkid and I wasn't gonna fight him on it) he ate some dinner and went to sleep. This morning he said his head hurt, but other then that seems to be fine. Thank goodness! Just in case you were wondering the Mother of the Year award goes to me.
Here are some pictures of the brutality:

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