Monday, March 12, 2012

Distracted (Thankful Thursdays)

I am thankful today. Really. I am just completely distracted. Muirne has been out of school all week because of one of the biggest snow storms to hit the NW since I was a child. I have an extra almost three year old today because his daycare was closed but his mom had to work. Yeah, can you believe that? He is a doll though and it's good for the juveniles to have another friend. Plus I have had my mom here on and off as she waits for rides to and from work, because she can't get out of her drive/street in her car. Also we are once again waiting on news about a promotion for Caspian. That is the last time I am mentioning that until it actually happens. You're welcome.

So today with my distracted mind I want to still take the time to be grateful.

Today, I am grateful that we have a warm, dry, safe and happy home to keep not only us safe, but any who need to be here with us as well.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lizzard Grins--She is So Mental. (MMLM)

Lizzard smiles.

I mean she will be doing normal dog stuff: Sleeping, playing, scratching. Then all of a sudden she will be still and quiet. Of course that makes you look at her and she is doing this:

So I walk around and look at her from another angle--all the while she stays eerily still:

So I get in a little closer and try and figure out what in the world she is doing:

As I come around one more time to get a good look at her she remains completely still, other then to bare her teeth in a larger nuttier grin:

Is there any doubt now that this Dog is not right and that the Prozac is completely warranted? No, I didn't think so.

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Thankful Thursday: Thanksgiving Edition

Another year has passed and looking back I am blown away by the way my life and my families has changed. We have so much to be grateful for. When I reflect on all that has happened, the good outweighs the bad tenfold and I know that life will constantly get better. These are the top five reasons I am thankful and grateful for my life the past year:
  1. My family is healthy, strong and unified.
  2. The promotion we have been waiting for is just around the corner and will be better then we first imagined.
  3. We are blessed with loving extended families who constantly rejoice with us and offer support when needed.
  4. We celebrated seven years of marriage and are excited to share many more.
  5. The knowledge that by keeping our hearts focused on love, joy, life and heath we can accomplish all our goals and dreams.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday. Remember to laugh, love and live in a way that brings you joy. Most of all, be Thankful.


*I posted early because of Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful Holiday with your family and friends!

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Because I am tired but promised to post something

Here are some pictures that I took last Friday of the juveniles. Seriously I can not believe how fantastic they turned out. I have plans to print and frame several! Oh and a reunion update is coming once I get my hands on some pictures! That story will be interesting. Stay tuned!

Now without further ado, my photogenic angels!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How to torture your two and a half year old.

So we decided it was time to take Bardolf in for his first real haircut. Caspian was due for a cut as well so we headed out this morning to a local barber's shop geared for men. It was a neat place with several big TVs and sports plaques all over the walls. Of course the fact that there are adorable women doting on all the men probably doesn't hurt their bottom line.

Anyhoo, we had Bardolf all excited to be getting his hair cut like a big boy and that he also got to do it with Daddy. He was all smiles and giggles until it was actually his turn. Then our sweet little boy turned into this:

"This is NOT what I signed up for"
"Do you see what she is doing mommy?"
"How could you let her do this to me?"
"Wait, that's it?"
"Hey that lady is pretty! And I look handsome!"
As you can see we just did a trim. We just can't bring ourselves to actually really cut all his hair off (and the hairdresser didn't want to either). As we left we asked him if he thought he might want to do that again in a little while. He said "No, no tank-qoo".

Sunday, March 4, 2012

"We can't go there! That place is for MEN."

Actual conversation in the car tonight on the way to dinner. We picked up Caspian from work because he wants to drive the Nova in tomorrow (he usually drives a service truck) and we decided to get some Mexican food at our *fav* hole-in-the-wall on the way home. This conversation insued I *crap* you not:

KD: "Let's go to Mexican food."

Caspian: "Do you want to go to Los volcanes or the other place on the way?"

KD: "Yeah lets go there. I like that place the best"

Caspian: "Me too."

Muirne: "Me too!"

Bardolf: "Mettttoooo!!!"

Caspian pointing to one of *many* strip clubs around Squirrelly-Ville (which is the strip club/porn capital of the US I *crap* you not): "Hey we could go there."

KD: "Oh sure that would be FAB, heard they have good chicken BREASTS."

Caspian: "Well it's not true Mexican, but the atmosphere is entertaining."

Muirne: "We can't go there! That place is for MEN."

Bardolf: "Dat for Meeennnsss!!"

Caspian and KD speechless...then bursting into laughter.

KD: "Where does she get this stuff? What are you teaching her when I am not around?"

Caspian: "That is all her. I swear."