Sunday, February 12, 2012

Works For Me Wednesday-Free Water Fun!

"Mom, I'm Bored" Edition of WFMW

Fun, Free, and refreshing! What could be better then a visit to the local fountain or spray park with friends? We pack a picnic lunch, grab the towels, sunscreen and our lawn chairs and we are guaranteed to have a blast splashing around to cool off! Best part is that they are all free! We have several fountains and water parks in Squirrelly-ville so there is not boredom of venue. I have to say that we have not gotten bored yet and plan on spending many hot days there this summer!

The Obligatory Trick-or-Treat Pictures

Saturday, February 11, 2012

What am I going to do with myself?

My MIL (Mom-in-law aka Gramma L) picked up Muirne today and will have her FOR THE WHOLE WEEKEND! Maybe even through Monday. Bardolf is unaware that she has gone to Gramma and Papa's (Papa J) house so when he wakes up he will be pretty po-ed, but Muirne needed the time alone with G & P.

Anyhoo, we have a pretty busy weekend planned. This afternoon we are having an early dinner with my Aunt and my Cousin who is in from Cali. After that we are going to a baseball game for my nephew's B-day (cross your fingers Bardolf makes it through the first inning). Tomorrow my mom (grammy) and her husband (T) are taking little Bardolf to visit with T's parents and then HE IS STAYING THE NIGHT WITH THEM!!

Caspian and I are having an afternoon/evening with friends and then back home. All alone! What are we going to do with ourselves???? I do know that I will be sleeping in. Caspian better not start that lawnmower before 9am. I'm just sayin'

Have a fabulous weekend my dear readers (all five of you)!



If you are the praying, visualizing, hoping, positive kind....

ore any kind who is able to send positive thoughts in any way our direction we would be appreciative!

I posted earlier this week that I needed it to be Friday. I got my hair done (and it looks FABULOUS btw) but that is not important. What is important is that things went really well in Caspian's job world and the dominoes are starting to fall in the proper sequence. Please, please think of us in Squirrelly-Ville over the next few weeks. This would be a great next move for us and we could finally start settling and feeling at home.

So any thoughts, inspirations, prayers, whatever you can offer would be greatly felt, loved and appreciated.



Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I got nothin'

This is the week we wait to hear on some possible promotion opportunities for Caspian, so my Adult ADD has fully kicked in and I just can't concentrate long enough to put together cohesive thoughts, let alone string them together to compose a post that is actually worth reading (umm run-on sentence KD?). I apologize my five faithful readers. Truly. I promise to at least post pictures of Muirne from Ballet Camp that she started today. Look for those tomorrow. At least then you can enjoy cuteness in the absence of words.

Because Channelling My Grandma in the Bedroom is HOT

Since I have been taking my domestic duties more seriously and keeping up on my laundry I noticed something. I have the sleepwear collection of my 82 year old grandma. I am 28 people, NOT 88. It's not like I think I need to look like a lingerie model every night, (not that I would ever look like one without some help from a plastic surgeon) but it is truly embarrassing.

In the days before children we mostly slept in the buff (sorry dad, stop reading) then progressed into more and more clothing as the years progressed. Mostly for the simple fact that I didn't want to have to get dressed five thousand times a night when I got up to feed, change and/or soothe a child. Plus now that they are getting older I don't think them coming in the middle of the night to hop into bed with mom and dad after a bad dream or fever that they should find their parents all nekkid (seriously I need at least 5 more years before " The Talk").

Our seven year anniversary is coming up on the 17th of November (well our legal anniversary, we eloped then had a formal wedding 6 months later, that's a whole 'nother story) and it would not hurt one bit to make a little more effort in the bedroom department to keep things lively and fresh (dad if you are still reading this, I am sorry). Because I basically have no shame here is the evidence of the sorry excuse for "nighties" I am tempting Caspian with:

Articles 1 and 2, the robes. Both were given to me by my Father-in-law for the births of the juveniles. The purple for Muirne and the Blue for Bardolf. They are matted, fuzzed and faded. Pretty hot, and did you catch that I said from my FATHER-IN -LAW?

Articles 3 and 4, the flannel lounge pants. Not only were they purchased from a bulk buy store, but they are about 4" too short. Repeat after me. High waters anyone?

Articles 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. The cotton night shirts. Comfortable? Yes. Oozing sex appeal? Not so much.

Article 10, Tinkerbell pajamas that my mom bought me....oh my the cute and comfort. However I am not five.

And last but not least article 11. Flying Pig Pajamas. I don't think any more needs to be said.

So help me out Nutty Readers. I need some new nighttime attire. Time to let the cotton, flannel and fleece go and move on to satin, silk and lace. Of course keep in mind that I am a mom, and as mentioned before I will be seen by my children in my bedroom attire. I just really don't know what to get that is functional and sexy. I am at a loss. Oh and if you can help me out with Caspian's nightwear it would be appreciated. He claims jammies are too constricting, but there has to be a better alternative then this:

Monday, February 6, 2012

How to get your child to hate their bike 101

I am a bit frustrated. Well that is an understatement. I am really irritated and trying not to be which makes me frustrated and I really want to be supportive and encouraging. I. Just. Can't.

Muirne is not the like the Fearless Boy Wonder Bardolf. She likes water, love to swim but is has a fear that is not even healthy, but a bit extreme--even though she can swim. She also is afraid of Spiders. That one I have to take total blame for because I scream like my leg is being ripped from my body if I see one. She is also very emotional so these fears turn into crying hyperventilating tantrums. I know that the red hair has a lot to do with it. She can't help it. I also know that she (supposedly like me--I am not sure why Caspian and Grammy say that) is just wired to be more sensitive. However, she being afraid of riding her bike is seriously getting on my last nerve.

I have started walking at this fantastic park with a friend in the mornings and the plan is to have the two young ones (Bardolf and her Iz) to be in strollers and the two older ones to ride their bikes. Well her Ans is great! He would live on his bike if he could. She has to constantly yell out "Red Light" so we can catch up. Muirne on the other hand has to be constantly pushed and prodded to at least attempt to keep up. Muirne is also a year and a half OLDER then Ans. So my lovely walk with my friend and calm morning at the park turns into me being frustrated and irritated and Muirne being totally emotionally bent.


Being that today is Garbage Day we may not go this morning. Lizzard has had all her medication and I am not sure she could handle a walk, plus I am not sure I could get Muirne back on a bike. I traumatized her enough yesterday. Maybe we will just take her scooter....

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Inside my mind driving down I-5

You know when you are driving down the road and your mind starts to wander as the miles pass? Yeah, well that was me tonight driving home from my in-laws...Caspian and Muirne watched a DVD while Bardolf napped. This left me to my own devices when it came to conversation and music. I put in an eclectic mix of Oasis, Dixie Chicks, Def Leopard, an Abraham-Hicks inspirational CD, and some Christmas Music then hit random. As the miles passed and the background noise left me singing and pondering life, what ifs, and fantasies I came to a few simple conclusions:
  • I quite possibly may have missed my calling as a back-up singer for a rock band. Either that or I could be a lounge singer with a classic sound like Ella Fitzgerald.
  • People who drive Dodge Neons and cut me off a half dozen times in 10 miles need to take their medication.
  • I have my entire bedroom redecorated for the next time we move with Caspian's pending promotion. I also think that I can do it myself...
  • Bardolf is the most angelic thing napping I have ever seen.
  • I have road rage urges that I completely act out in my mind, which makes me giggle to myself which in turn snaps me out of my rage. Of course I look like a moron grinning goofily as I honk my horn while I get cut off.
  • While checking myself out in the mirror (dude you totally do it, don't deny it) I realized that I almost don't recognize myself with my hair dark (dyed it dark for the winter) and it makes me feel all mysterious.
  • My cousins are The. Funniest. Mo'Fo's. Evah. Hands down.
  • I think I look nice in green, but in reality I really don't.
  • Edward was my co-pilot for a while. Don't tell Caspian.
  • Range Rovers can suck it.
  • I really need to start sewing the Christmas gifts that I decided I needed to make....OMG.
So umm...yeah. See what happens when the car goes quiet in Squirrelly-ville?