Friday, August 12, 2011

Things I Learned This Past Week

  • Dogs on Prozac that suddenly have been taken off of it because their owner slacked and didn't get it refilled in time do really messed up stuff. Most noticeably they start humping everything. Even though they are female. Spayed Female.
  • Little boys who wait too long to pee because they are way too busy playing cars and watching CARS cannot get their pants down fast enough and thus end up doing a strange spray effect as they are feverishly pulling down their pants on the way to the bathroom.
  • The strange spray effect by little boys requires bleach for the walls and shampoo for the carpets.
  • For some reason Blogger hates me and I cannot reply to comments via E-mail. Though I was extremely frustrated by this I learned that there are some super helpful people out there like Mental P Mama willing to shoot e-mails back and forth and leave silly comments just to test stuff out!
  • My searches this week were weird, but my favorite was Auds Arse. I am assuming this is referring to my dear friend Auds at Barking Mad, but I have no Clue why they were searching about her ass. If that was you e-mail me. I really am curious now.
  • A really good cut can help a dog that looks Gross like this to be able to get a quick wipe of the paws and not a complete hose down after a romp in the yard. However, this only lasts as long as the cut does so I am still on the hunt for a better solution.
  • Really there are some things better left to professionals and I need to not be left to my own devices. Any help or advice on how to draw in my eyebrow would be appreciated.
  • Focusing on being Thankful for a day on my blog helped to get my vibes in a better place. I hope that I can help others with that as well! I did have a request for a a day for Ungrateful and Whiny from Waltz In Exile via Twitter, but I think I will leave that up to her.
  • Muirne and Bardolf's Bunny that sings "Do the Hop" taught us two new Yoga poses. Wake-Up and Lay-Down. I think they could really catch on, especially with the bunny and his frogs in the basket doing back-up. I know Yoga Girl has been thinking about teaching some of her classes to an All Metal play list. Maybe these Bunny-Frog-Hop moves could fit into that class.

So Nutty Readers, What did you learn this week?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Inspections and Infections

Two major happenings have transpired this past week in Squirrelly-Ville: Our Home Inspection and major sickness and infection. Here's a quick recap to get you up to date!


Yesterday was the home inspection on our new house. Overall it went well with some minor maintenance issues that we can easily address. There were a couple more serious problems that they will need to have fixed before we can close (or at least make arrangements for the sellers to have fixed), but overall we still feel really good about the house. Definitely not deal breakers! Our Realtor was going to just give their agent a heads-up on the main issues and then we will write up the paperwork to formally present the things that cannot be passed on to us. I will keep updates posted!


Muirne brought home from school what we thought was a cold last week, and now after her running a fever, then Bardolf getting it and running a fever, and now me getting it and running a fever are suspecting we may actually have the flu. Cold symptoms + bad poo (tmi) + body aches + 101 and up fever = Squirrelly-Ville Sickness. Ugh. However we think we starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel so we can get off this terrible train ride!

That's the update! Thank you all again for your support and well-wishes during this exciting time in Squirrelly-Ville!


Friday, August 5, 2011

Kick Ass, But Don't Forget Your Tutu

Muirne doesn't want to take Ballet anymore. If you saw this post then you would know that she is the cutest ballerina ever. She instead just wants to swim. Now I am all for water safety. She and Bardolf are both taking swim classes two days a week. I offered for her to to both because really THE Cutest Ballerina EVER! Plus I took ballet as a child and I wish that I would have stuck with it to help a little with my girlie-ness, grace, and coordination (that was not sports related). Go figure that the dates weren't knocking down my door in High School when I spent my time in sweatshirts, golf shoes and soccer cleats. Oh yes I was SMOKIN'.

Now it's not that I don't think that women athletes aren't totally hot, but there is something about being a dancer that just encompasses "Girl" and Muirne even though being a gorgeous red-head who likes the occasional princess story and dress up party is more focused on animals then clothes. She won't wear a dress unless I pick it out for her and she could care less if her hair is fixed. She "Likes it Wild".

She is all girl when it comes to moodiness, meltdowns, and melodrama. Not a day goes by that omg-the-world-is-ending-and-it's-all-someones-fault-other-then-mine!! dramatic event occurs, but I expected my days with her to be filled with princesses and tea parties. As I type she is coloring pictures of vampires and Frankensteins. I asked her to make me some new Fall/Halloween pictures for the fridge and she colored those. The vampire even has blood on his mouth. Seriously? I expect this from Bardolf, especially in the coming years, but he is also the boy who is being a grey fluffy mouse with a pink stomach.

I really want to encourage my little girl to buck the current, be who she wants, explore and not be confined to "gender appropriate" activities, but dammit, I'm really disappointed that she chose to stop taking lessons. Yes I could make her do it, but then what am I teaching her? That she needs to do it because I said so even though she doesn't enjoy it? I could push her into another "Girlie" activity, but she hasn't shown interest in anything other then soccer (with the exception of swimming).

I guess mostly I see a lot of myself in her and I don't want her to have the same struggles I did. I just now as an adult and mother have really settled into being a "Girl" and had I found it sooner, I don't know, maybe things would have been easier, and I want things to be easy for her. At the same time I don't want to ever be the parent who pushes the stereotypes, and learning who you are comes from experiencing life yourself.

One thing I do know for sure though, I can totally kick Caspian's ass at golf, and someday Muirne will too--hopefully in pink golf shoes and a tutu.