Monday, May 9, 2011

Shimmery Summer Skin in an Instant! (Hot Mommas Know)

I had the joy of having my make-up done at the Smashbox counter about a month back. I already had a crush on their cosmetics but their Body Lights Glowing Lotion is simply stunning--even on the palest complexion. I absolutely adore how it gives a tint of color and a little shine that really makes your skin glow beautifully. Plus the very light scent doesn't interfere with my perfume--but it smells nice enough you don't have to wear any scent other then it! Oh and don't be afraid to put this everywhere--a little goes a long way! It even is great for a little glow for your cheeks!

So I have not fallen off the face of the Earth

I have just been consumed with unpacking, cleaning, grocery shopping, damn reunion planning...Things that I would rather not be doing. I promise to have a new post up soon with pictures and everything from the SGRT. PROMISE. Oh and there will be pictures of me and my non-existent breasts in a bikini. You were warned.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Nothing Says Love Like Sharing Poop.

I have to post about poop. There is no getting around it. I have managed to go this long without actually devoting a post, but the last few days have made that completely unavoidable. So here it is. You were warned.

Poo Tale #1 Muirne
Monday afternoon, Muirne calls me frantically from the bathroom,

"Mommy!! Mommy!!!! Come look at this QUICK!!!!!"

Me, thinking the toilet overflowed, or Bardolf had peed on the floor, or God forbid a SPIDER is in there, I rush to the bathroom. Once in there, I see Muirne sitting on the toilet, doing her business and I don't see what the issue is, so I say,

"What's the matter?!"

Muirne leans forward, exposing her poo in the toilet and says,

"LOOK Mommy! Look how BIG it is! Isn't it HUGE?!"

Yep she called me in to admire the poo of the century. Awesome.

Poo Tale #2 My In-laws' Dog
We had Muirne's birthday party on Sunday and my in-laws came from up north and stayed the weekend with us. They had to bring their dog, because she is getting older and has to be let out frequently because she just can't hold it anymore. Things are going fine up until right before the party starts. All of a sudden their dog is running across my living room carpet leaving a trail of poo behind her. I guess she didn't want to forget her way back to her food bowl.

Poo Tale #3 Lizzard

Lizzard has a kennel that she is put into when we have to run errand or go anywhere that we can't take her. Mostly she is in there for a short time, but it never seems to fail that she needs to use the bathroom and even though I have been told repeatedly that dogs will not poo or urinate in "their area" she does. Every. Time. She. Is. In. It. Well not poo every time, but pee. It's weird, and gross. She isn't worked up or anything so I don't think it is an anxiety issue. I think she is just Mental. But I think my other posts about her have already proven that.

Poo Tale #4 Bardolf and Lizzard
Bardolf has been potty-trained through the night for about six months now. Considering he is a) a boy and b) not three until the middle of December, this is a pretty big feat (or so I have been told by countless mothers of boys, I had a girl first so I don't know anything). For the past week or so he has been WAY too distracted with, oh who knows, being a boy, that going potty in the toilet is not a priority. This has been only happening with pee until the other night. He was in the bathroom when suddenly he starts calling for us to come in there. Caspian goes in and starts yelling for me. When I get into the bathroom, Caspian is holding Lizzard with their backs to me. Bardolf is standing with his pants down next to the toilet and there is a large smear of poo on the floor.

Caspian looks at me while turning Lizzard around to face me. I can see poo on her face.
"Lizzard was eating Bardolf's poop," he says.

With that I end my Poo Tales of Squirrelly-ville from the last few days. You're Welcome.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Reunion Recap: the Good, the Gorgeous and the Gay

Okay so I know you are all waiting with baited breath for stories about the reunion. Honestly it was pretty uneventful with the classmates being the same with the exception of kids (well some had kids in high school), spouses (well some had spouses in high school), jobs (well lots had jobs in high school), and tattoos (well some had those in high school too). Catch my drift?

There were however some changes. Our ASB president and one of our most lusted after athletes is now a successful hairdresser and teaches dance with his male life partner when he is not making several of my former classmates fabulous. That changed, but he is still one of the nicest guys I know.

The "outcasts" were seemingly normal, functioning and might I add pleasant to look at where in the past they wore black boots and sneers, instead wore black dresses and perfectly pink pouts.

Almost all attending were friendly and fun, though mostly staying with their familiar groups some mingling between them did occur. My most entertaining people watching of the night occurred between those who in high school never crossed each other's paths.

I found myself floating between groups and tables, much like I did in high school. Some conversations still haunted by the insecurities of the past and others met with a confidence of the present. Mostly I felt at peace with the person I have become and the woman I was able to present myself as.

The night did have a couple hitches, though minor, however I went in deciding that you can't make everyone happy all the time and I would do my best to enjoy my night no matter what. I did.

Oh and the very best part of the reunion? Knowing that I looked great, and being told so. Granted I didn't do much with myself as a teen. My wardrobe consisted of jeans, sweatshirts and ponytails with mascara and blush at best. Still the knowing that after 10 years, 7 as a wife, and 6 as a mother I have improved my looks really made me feel great. It seems silly and shallow, but dammit I am proud of that.

The reunion was a good thing. I am so glad that I went and even though it was a huge undertaking I am glad I planned it too (with LOTS of help). After seeing the past, knowing how it was and knowing where I am now I am proud of the person I have become, and no one there can make me feel differently. Will I go to another reunion? Absolutely. Will I plan another reunion? Absolutely not. ;P

PS: I know that I said there would be pictures. There will be as soon as I can get copies from my friends. My camera battery died (I know I was not a happy camper) so I am waiting on others for pictures from the night. I looked FAB. Seriously.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Can You Have A Six-Pack With Stretch Marks?

I ask this as I am pondering the commitment I have made not only to myself, but to the dear Mrs. G and all those that frequent Derfwad Manor in the hopes of joining her retirement retreat Women's Colony. Maybe I am not alone and I can serve as some inspiration as Mrs. G as been to me!

I stare at my once smooth, tight and ridiculously perfect "abs" which have now turned to nothing more then a bumpy mess of scar tissue and flab. I wonder if the combined weight gain of 90+ pounds and the three surgeries all done with at least one incision through my once pronounced "outie" belly could ever show some semblance of the body I once knew. The words of my surgeon echoing through my head that the only course of action to rectify the "damage" of babies and surgeries was yet even more surgery.

What if it isn't just "damage"? What if seeing the muscles tone and define under the scars is the real course of action? What if there were more like me willing to show what has been the perfect environment for babies to grow, develop and thrive? That beneath the scarred and soft exterior is the strong, perfect body that we once had, not the same but improved to a point of being a more perfect example of what the female body is capable of.

This is my commitment to myself to not be discouraged by what I see, but instead to be proud of what I have accomplished and what I can do to further thank my body for all it has done. So I offer a picture. One that I will post weekly to not only hold me accountable, but to show the progress of a body being accepted and challenged. This is when it all changes!

KD Stretchie Stomach week 2 (I weenied out week one for the picture):