Thursday, May 10, 2012

Getting in Touch With His GLAMOUR-ous Side

Caspian was especially quiet while I did the dinner dishes this evening. After I finished (the dishes and my glass of wine) I peeked out of the kitchen to see him like this:
Flabergasted that not only was he not watching SPEED, but that he was taking an interest in one of my more girly hobbies aka fashion mags, I HAD to see what had grabbed his attention:

You all can read that, right? Maybe you know best synthetic urine  Yeah....I totally got why he picked it up too....he thinks that since he brought me home wine he is getting lucky (that may be true, but he better not be getting any least it isn't a COSMO article).

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Reason Number 31 That Lizzard is Mental

So if you have been reading for a while, you know that Lizzard is not what we would call "normal". She has several issues that we have been dealing with since we got her from a local rescue group a year ago. These issues include:

Of course she does other things that most dogs do which doesn't really make her unique, but just adds more things to the every growing list. However, I have to say that her need of Prozac and Tranquilizers may be something that we have contributed to:

Monday, May 7, 2012

Bedtime with Bardolf and Muirne

Muirne: "Tell us a story Daddy."

Bardolf: "Yeah Da-ee, tell you, us ,me sor-ee Da-ee!"

Caspian: "Okay, once upon a time there was a dog named 'Lizzard'... ...and they all lived happily ever after."

Muirne: "Thanks daddy that was a good story. I need a drink of water. Mommy will you snuggle with me and rub my back?"

Bardolf: "I dink wa-er too Da-ee, Momma snugle me too, rub my back?"

KD: "Okay lemme snuggle sissy and daddy snuggles you."

Bardolf: "O K Momma, Da-ee you ge me wa-er and rub my back?"

Caspian: "Okay buddy."

KD: "okay ni-nite love you sissy love you brother, sleep big."

Caspian: "Ni-nite, love you."

Muirne: "Love you momma, love you daddy!"

Bardolf: "Momma! Cov-a up me Momma!"

KD: "Okay lay down--put your feet down."

Bardolf: "O K Momma cov-a up dis banket Momma--Cov-a up dis one?!"

KD: "Okay all covered up. Love you! Nite!"

Muirne: "Night Momma."

Bardolf: "Ni-ni Momma!"


Bardolf: "Momma! Cov-a up me Momma! ... Momma! Cov-a up me Momma ... Momma! Cov-a up me momma!"

KD: "It's your turn and Lizzard and I are snuggling so I can't get up."

Caspian: "Just ignore him he will stop."

Bardolf: " Momma! Cov-a up me Momma!"

KD: " He won't stop until you cover him up with Blanket."

Bardolf: "Momm-Da-ee! Cov-a up me Da-ee!"

Caspain: "Okay buddy there ya go. That Blanket?"

Bardolf: "Tank-qu Da-ee."

Caspian: "Welcome Buddy, ni-night, Love you, Love you sissy."

Muirne: "Love you daddy."

Bardolf: "Lu you Da-ee."

Caspian: "Love you too buddy."

Bardolf: "Lu you Da-ee."

Caspian: "Okay love you too ni-night."

Bardolf: "LU YOU DA-EE!"

Muirne: "You already said that three times Brother."

Bardolf: "Oh."


Okay so because of my recent 5lb (okay 10lb) weight gain I have been making an effort to make more nutritious snacks and meals, not only for me but the whole Squirrelly Gang. So in my genius I have rediscovered my frozen berries and started making Smoothies. Bardolf and Muirne *love* them and the best part is that they are so easy! We made some this morning while Loaner Baby napped.

Okay now for the real secret: There is an entire cup of fresh spinach in these smoothies. The juveniles have no idea. Though they do like veggies that much veggie in one sitting is a tough feat. So I pat myself on the back as they slurp each last bit from their cups.

I know. I rock out loud. Be impressed.