Saturday, October 6, 2012

Play Titled: What the Hell? or Morning In Squirrelly-Ville

7:45am. Ringing phone as lights come up on stage left. Hurried commotion of a family getting ready to leave taking place. Daughter is putting on shoes, son is crying about his toast, and dog is pacing excitedly, knowing that she is about to be left.

Mom answers phone, lights come up on stage right showing Dad at work on the phone:

KD: Hello?!?!

Caspian: Hi. Are you up yet?

Mom rolls eyes and ties daughter's shoes

KD: Ummm, YES! Of course I am! We have to leave in 5 minutes. If I wasn't up yet we would be screwed--Muirne get your raincoat and backpack, Bardolf get your blanket if you want to bring it!--what's up??

Caspian: Nothing. Just thought I would call to see what you are doing.

KD: ...and???

Caspian: ...

KD: ......

Caspian: ....Well...

KD: ...I have to go!

Caspian: ...okay I will call you later.



Dad looks at phone confused

Caspian: Bye?

Light fades to black on Dad on stage right. Mom runs around like a chicken with her head cut off and scrambles to get out the door, shaking her head while wondering what the Hell her husband is thinking sometimes...Lights dim, then fade to black.

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