Saturday, October 9, 2010

Muirne at Ballet Camp

Just a few snapshots. She just could hardly hold still but at least you can see how cute she is in her bun and tutu!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stuck and Stuttering

For less then a week now, Bardolf has been stuttering. It came on very suddenly and he now stutters at least half of his sentences. Most commonly it is the first word of a sentence, like what or where. However if you ask him to repeat the single word he stuttered without it being in a sentence he repeats it fine.

I know that this is a very common conditon in toddlers, especially males, but the sudden onset is what has us concerned. I stuttered (still do sometimes) but mine was very mild. My nephew did too, but also mild. Bardolf stuttering even has my mom (Grammie) who is an elementary school teacher concerned.

I plan on calling the doctor later today to see if Bardolf needs to be evaluated. Do any of you have experience with stuttering, or know where I can get more information? I needed a distraction from Caspian's promotion issues, but this was not the kind of distraction I was seeking....

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Feeling Torn While Others Face the Storm

This was the week I wanted to kick off my weekly post on Mondays about being thankful or grateful for something in my life. I thought the focus to start the week with a great attitude and the gratitude for elements in our lives would be not only beneficial for me, but for my readers. However despite my best efforts, I am torn.

With hurricane Gustav approaching and so many in the path evacuating and fearing the worst, how can I complain about my silly woes, but even more so, how can I rejoice and have an attitude of thankfulness while others are in harms way? I feel so self absorbed, being grateful for what I have when others may come back to nothing.

Then it hits me. I can focus my energy and attention on all the bad and horrible things out there, or I can choose to be grateful and thankful and appreciative of not only what I have, but that those in the path are getting out, getting to a safe place, and are in need of me sending my positive thoughts their way, not my worries, woes, or guilt. THAT is what I need to show gratitude for today.

Today I am grateful that my family is safe.

That those in harms way are taking precautions to get safe.

They are preparing their homes, lives and each other for the worst, but holding the hope in their hearts for the best.

They are appreciative for the thoughts and prayers of those that can send them their way and are thankful for the kindness of others.

Stay safe. Stay hopeful. Be well. Be strong. Feel safe. Feel LOVE.

Did I *not* say something? Awesome.

Tonight after repeatedly saying that there will not be any more throwing of the ball in the house, said ball comes flying by me as I check my e-mail and slams into my full glass of wine. The wine glass then ricochets into the computer monitor, breaks and spills all over the desk. Awesome.

Did I not just say to stop throwing the ball?

Earlier while I am cleaning up dinner I ask Caspian to run out to the 'burb' and see if the pictures from the visit to Santa are out there. Also could he please grab the flushable wipes in the console. I said this three times. Finally he gets his ass out the door and grabs the pictures, but doesn't get the wipes. Awesome.

Did I not ask for the wipes three times?

Muirne is finished coloring at the table with her new glitter markers that are not washable. She knows that they need to be picked up so Bardolf will not play with them. I remind her to pick them up, then put on her jammies. Again, pick them up and put on your jammies. hello? Is this mic on? Bardolf grabs one and makes a mess of my tablecloth. Murine doesn't have jammies on. Awesome.

Did I not say to pick up the markers and put on jammies?

Bardof drags out his bin of cars. After doing a thorough job of coating the entire livingroom room with his little motor vehicles, he moves on to another more pressing matter of ignoring me. I start to pick up and remind him to help. I step on a car while asking again for help picking up his cars and mutter something to the effect of damn little shits. Bardolf repeats it. Awesome.

Did I not ask him to pick up the cars?

I'm not sure if I am only thinking these things or actually speaking them outloud anymore. Seems to me that I am obviously only thinking them, because my devoted, observant, caring and loving husband would hear me and help me out. Because my perfect, obedient, sweet and respectful children would do as they were asked. Awesome!

Did I not just get ignored? That must be in my head, 'cause that would not be Awesome.