Monday, May 7, 2012

Bedtime with Bardolf and Muirne

Muirne: "Tell us a story Daddy."

Bardolf: "Yeah Da-ee, tell you, us ,me sor-ee Da-ee!"

Caspian: "Okay, once upon a time there was a dog named 'Lizzard'... ...and they all lived happily ever after."

Muirne: "Thanks daddy that was a good story. I need a drink of water. Mommy will you snuggle with me and rub my back?"

Bardolf: "I dink wa-er too Da-ee, Momma snugle me too, rub my back?"

KD: "Okay lemme snuggle sissy and daddy snuggles you."

Bardolf: "O K Momma, Da-ee you ge me wa-er and rub my back?"

Caspian: "Okay buddy."

KD: "okay ni-nite love you sissy love you brother, sleep big."

Caspian: "Ni-nite, love you."

Muirne: "Love you momma, love you daddy!"

Bardolf: "Momma! Cov-a up me Momma!"

KD: "Okay lay down--put your feet down."

Bardolf: "O K Momma cov-a up dis banket Momma--Cov-a up dis one?!"

KD: "Okay all covered up. Love you! Nite!"

Muirne: "Night Momma."

Bardolf: "Ni-ni Momma!"


Bardolf: "Momma! Cov-a up me Momma! ... Momma! Cov-a up me Momma ... Momma! Cov-a up me momma!"

KD: "It's your turn and Lizzard and I are snuggling so I can't get up."

Caspian: "Just ignore him he will stop."

Bardolf: " Momma! Cov-a up me Momma!"

KD: " He won't stop until you cover him up with Blanket."

Bardolf: "Momm-Da-ee! Cov-a up me Da-ee!"

Caspain: "Okay buddy there ya go. That Blanket?"

Bardolf: "Tank-qu Da-ee."

Caspian: "Welcome Buddy, ni-night, Love you, Love you sissy."

Muirne: "Love you daddy."

Bardolf: "Lu you Da-ee."

Caspian: "Love you too buddy."

Bardolf: "Lu you Da-ee."

Caspian: "Okay love you too ni-night."

Bardolf: "LU YOU DA-EE!"

Muirne: "You already said that three times Brother."

Bardolf: "Oh."

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