Saturday, September 8, 2012

I am an AWARDS Slacker!!

I am a total slacker who received two awards recently and haven't properly addressed them! So here goes!!

Fat Cat Crochet Gave me this award!! Thanks Linda!!

I got this award from Mamasphere:

Here are the characteristics of the Smile Award:

~You must display a cheerful attitude.
~You must show love to others.
~You must make mistakes.
~You must learn from others.
~You must be a positive contributor to blogging.
~You must love life.
~You must love kids.

Here are the rules for the Smile Award:

~You must link back to the award creator. (IDK who it is! Sorry!)
~You must post the rules if you are a recipient.
~You must choose 5 people to pass the award to.
~You must fit the characteristics of the award.
~You must post the characteristics of the recipient of the award.
~You must create a post sharing your win with others.
~You must thank the giver of the award.

I admit I am terrible about passing on awards, so I want to pass long both to the following blogs:
  1. Aimeepaloosa
  2. Barking Mad
  3. Simply Shannon
  4. Mommie Mayhem
  5. MommyCosm

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