Sunday, May 1, 2011

Can You Have A Six-Pack With Stretch Marks?

I ask this as I am pondering the commitment I have made not only to myself, but to the dear Mrs. G and all those that frequent Derfwad Manor in the hopes of joining her retirement retreat Women's Colony. Maybe I am not alone and I can serve as some inspiration as Mrs. G as been to me!

I stare at my once smooth, tight and ridiculously perfect "abs" which have now turned to nothing more then a bumpy mess of scar tissue and flab. I wonder if the combined weight gain of 90+ pounds and the three surgeries all done with at least one incision through my once pronounced "outie" belly could ever show some semblance of the body I once knew. The words of my surgeon echoing through my head that the only course of action to rectify the "damage" of babies and surgeries was yet even more surgery.

What if it isn't just "damage"? What if seeing the muscles tone and define under the scars is the real course of action? What if there were more like me willing to show what has been the perfect environment for babies to grow, develop and thrive? That beneath the scarred and soft exterior is the strong, perfect body that we once had, not the same but improved to a point of being a more perfect example of what the female body is capable of.

This is my commitment to myself to not be discouraged by what I see, but instead to be proud of what I have accomplished and what I can do to further thank my body for all it has done. So I offer a picture. One that I will post weekly to not only hold me accountable, but to show the progress of a body being accepted and challenged. This is when it all changes!

KD Stretchie Stomach week 2 (I weenied out week one for the picture):

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