Monday, June 6, 2011

Miss My Stretch-Marks??

So the Stretch-Marked Six-Pack trek is going slow. I started it a couple weeks ago and then we went out of town, and started swimming and Muirne had her ballet recital, and I got totally lazy (that enough excuses for you, yes?) and I just have been SLACKING. So Even though this is week four we are calling a do-over and starting at week one again. Because I am SUCKTASTIC I am even going to give you pictures, again, of the front AND side views. I know, you are so excited you can't hardly wait. I also am going to measure my waist, pooch and love handles. I am not posting the measurements (I do have SOME pride people) but I will post whether I have gained or lost inches (or millimeters, whatever it takes). So without further ado here are the soon to be slim and sexy stretch-mark six-pack abs:

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