Sunday, June 12, 2011

Garage sales, Prozac, Parks, Comcast,Rodents and Black Lights.

So I had this whole other post in the works, but then I got a phone call this morning that changed everything. FOR THE BETTER. I am so glad now that I didn't complain and publish my last post.

Anyhoo here are some bullets of random-ness for you from squirrelly-ville:
  • Having a garage sale tomorrow and Saturday because I have lost my mind. Should be loads of fun!
  • The Prozac and tranquilizers are working quite well for Lizzard, but I feel a little guilty that her walking into the wall on garbage day amused me.
  • Haven't been back to walk at the park since the last incident with Muirne. Not sure how I am going to approach it next week when we try again.
  • Comcast had to run a new line from the box to our house because some sort of rodent chewed through the old line and killed our box. Yummy.
  • When at the park I had to use the bathroom and on my way in a mouse tried to get out. I think we scared each other enough though because as I cowered in the stall, he cowered behind the garbage can.
  • I bought a black light to find the hidden pee-pee spots from Lizzard on Garbage Days and thought it would be interesting to see what else would show up. BAD IDEA by the way. I will be scrubbing the walls once I have finished with the garage sale:

(That is the "Handiwork" of Bardolf)

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