Sunday, August 7, 2011

Inspections and Infections

Two major happenings have transpired this past week in Squirrelly-Ville: Our Home Inspection and major sickness and infection. Here's a quick recap to get you up to date!


Yesterday was the home inspection on our new house. Overall it went well with some minor maintenance issues that we can easily address. There were a couple more serious problems that they will need to have fixed before we can close (or at least make arrangements for the sellers to have fixed), but overall we still feel really good about the house. Definitely not deal breakers! Our Realtor was going to just give their agent a heads-up on the main issues and then we will write up the paperwork to formally present the things that cannot be passed on to us. I will keep updates posted!


Muirne brought home from school what we thought was a cold last week, and now after her running a fever, then Bardolf getting it and running a fever, and now me getting it and running a fever are suspecting we may actually have the flu. Cold symptoms + bad poo (tmi) + body aches + 101 and up fever = Squirrelly-Ville Sickness. Ugh. However we think we starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel so we can get off this terrible train ride!

That's the update! Thank you all again for your support and well-wishes during this exciting time in Squirrelly-Ville!


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