Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thankful Thursdays: Simple Pleasures

This week I wanted to focus on the simple, little things that I am grateful for. My list is just ordinary, everyday things that I may take for granted so I felt it important to show my gratitude.

  • My coffee-pot that reliably brews my cup of sanity for the day

  • The bath and body wash, lotion and spray that my best friend gave to me. It reminds me of her every time I use it!

  • The candles that I have in three rooms of my house. They all smell like laundry soap/white florals and it is the perfect scent to relax me. It also seems to be tolerated by many and doesn't seen to irritate allergies so it is ideal for company as well!

  • My favorite pen--my Sharpie fine point. No matter what I write it looks nice! Be it a bill or a thank you note!

  • My Swiffer duster. Seriously cuts down my dusting time by half.

  • My SUV. I love that we always have room for extra people. That it is reliable and under warranty, and that it has a DVD player for road trips!

So Nutty Readers, what are some of your simple pleasures?

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