Sunday, October 3, 2010

Feeling Torn While Others Face the Storm

This was the week I wanted to kick off my weekly post on Mondays about being thankful or grateful for something in my life. I thought the focus to start the week with a great attitude and the gratitude for elements in our lives would be not only beneficial for me, but for my readers. However despite my best efforts, I am torn.

With hurricane Gustav approaching and so many in the path evacuating and fearing the worst, how can I complain about my silly woes, but even more so, how can I rejoice and have an attitude of thankfulness while others are in harms way? I feel so self absorbed, being grateful for what I have when others may come back to nothing.

Then it hits me. I can focus my energy and attention on all the bad and horrible things out there, or I can choose to be grateful and thankful and appreciative of not only what I have, but that those in the path are getting out, getting to a safe place, and are in need of me sending my positive thoughts their way, not my worries, woes, or guilt. THAT is what I need to show gratitude for today.

Today I am grateful that my family is safe.

That those in harms way are taking precautions to get safe.

They are preparing their homes, lives and each other for the worst, but holding the hope in their hearts for the best.

They are appreciative for the thoughts and prayers of those that can send them their way and are thankful for the kindness of others.

Stay safe. Stay hopeful. Be well. Be strong. Feel safe. Feel LOVE.

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