Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stuck and Stuttering

For less then a week now, Bardolf has been stuttering. It came on very suddenly and he now stutters at least half of his sentences. Most commonly it is the first word of a sentence, like what or where. However if you ask him to repeat the single word he stuttered without it being in a sentence he repeats it fine.

I know that this is a very common conditon in toddlers, especially males, but the sudden onset is what has us concerned. I stuttered (still do sometimes) but mine was very mild. My nephew did too, but also mild. Bardolf stuttering even has my mom (Grammie) who is an elementary school teacher concerned.

I plan on calling the doctor later today to see if Bardolf needs to be evaluated. Do any of you have experience with stuttering, or know where I can get more information? I needed a distraction from Caspian's promotion issues, but this was not the kind of distraction I was seeking....

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