Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thankful Thursday: Hesitant Happiness

Sometimes it isn't easy to be happy. There are just times when not only is it hard to feel optimistic, but to feel even just fine. That is when I find myself really struggling to be thankful. That is when I reach for the best feeling thought I can, because being in a constant state of happiness is not realistic, though definitely worth trying to achieve. So this Thankful Thursday I would like to leave you with a simple, single challenge.

No matter what the situation is, reach toward the best feeling emotion you can at the moment, whether it be from anger to irritation, intolerance to annoyance, dislike to tolerance, or like to love. Whatever the emotion you can reach that gives you even the smallest amount of relief at that moment, reach for it and watch as you find yourself moving towards that constant state of bliss.

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