Wednesday, December 1, 2010

When it rains it pours

Or at least that is what I felt like yesterday.

It rained last night. The first big drenching rain we have had since the beginning of Summer. The dust from the sidewalks was washed away. The air smelled fresh and clean. The flowers perked up and looked refreshed. The still silence only interrupted by birds singing their praises to the rain. Nature renewed itself and all was washed away and well.

I felt renewed as well. As if our energy was washed clean by the rain, we faced a new outlook on new possibilities and the hopes shone bright. Our time is coming. We have to continue on the path to greater things by keeping the faith that greater more beautiful and wonderful opportunities are coming our way. And they are.

I still can't see the bigger picture, but more pieces of the puzzle are being put together and I like how it is coming together.

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