Friday, April 1, 2011

SGRT Day 4: Highways 1, KD 0

Okay so umm I am blogging in the middle of North Central Washington on Dial-up. 'Nuff said. Luckily for me I have our good friend Jose hangin' with me and keeping me company in my Cell Phone Flask (thanks Queen). Okay so it's no really that bad..just almost.

Have I stated yet that I hate road trips? I haven't? Okay I HATE ROAD TRIPS!! I hate everything about them. The driving, the riding, the whining, the peeing, the packing, EVERYTHING. I know I said I was trying to keep it positive like this kid but ya know I can only be so kind for so long. So far we have driven more then half of our miles and then some. Don't get me wrong--the scenery is unbelievable and there will be pictures! The beach at Deception pass was perfect, no one has thrown up in the car and we still have all our wheels on the 'burb.

However Caspian and I have a cold, Bardolf has lost bladder control in the car (ONLY in the car--the rest of the time he is fine), Muirne is a complete DVD junkie, and Lizzard has discovered that today is Garbage Day at Great-Papa's house. AWESOME. Oh not to mention that I have had a KILLER headache the entire trip.

Okay, okay so I know that those things aren't awful, really, but being that the mere thought of spending ANOTHER minute in the car is giving me hives I cannot be held responsible for my actions today. Caspian keeps coming and and buggin' me as I type to see "What the Plan" is today. Umm as of right now, MY plan is to drink coffee, finish my blog post and respond to comments. I would love to read some of my favorite blogs today, but being he is hovering like an annoying mosquito ready to SUCK MY LIFE BLOOD at any minute should I show signs of consciousness, that is probably a no-go.

If you have been following my Tweets I can promise you from here on out they will be mostly negative and sarcastic, I mean more so then they have been so far. I can also promise you that there will be cursing and I don't mean My Go-To Word. You have been warned.

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