Saturday, March 12, 2011

Not that we are all that interesting..

But hey I guess just as much as the next family in suburbia!

Those coming in will most likely already know us but in case you don't here is a quick run-down:

I am a Stay at Home mom of two listed on the sidebar:

"Muirne" is the older of the two. A red-headed firecracker of a five year old with the attitude to match.

"Bardolf" is a blond angelic-looking little boy. Don't let his looks fool you!

"Caspian" is the man behind the curtain running the show but not in the spotlight.

"Lizzard the terrorist" is the furry fury of the group, an adopted Wire-hair Fox Terrier who joined our faily last October. She is the chaser of squirrels jumper of fences and the fearer of garbage trucks.

All in all this squirrelly gang with the guest members make up our life. May our sanity stay intact!

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