Monday, March 12, 2012

Distracted (Thankful Thursdays)

I am thankful today. Really. I am just completely distracted. Muirne has been out of school all week because of one of the biggest snow storms to hit the NW since I was a child. I have an extra almost three year old today because his daycare was closed but his mom had to work. Yeah, can you believe that? He is a doll though and it's good for the juveniles to have another friend. Plus I have had my mom here on and off as she waits for rides to and from work, because she can't get out of her drive/street in her car. Also we are once again waiting on news about a promotion for Caspian. That is the last time I am mentioning that until it actually happens. You're welcome.

So today with my distracted mind I want to still take the time to be grateful.

Today, I am grateful that we have a warm, dry, safe and happy home to keep not only us safe, but any who need to be here with us as well.

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