Sunday, March 4, 2012

"We can't go there! That place is for MEN."

Actual conversation in the car tonight on the way to dinner. We picked up Caspian from work because he wants to drive the Nova in tomorrow (he usually drives a service truck) and we decided to get some Mexican food at our *fav* hole-in-the-wall on the way home. This conversation insued I *crap* you not:

KD: "Let's go to Mexican food."

Caspian: "Do you want to go to Los volcanes or the other place on the way?"

KD: "Yeah lets go there. I like that place the best"

Caspian: "Me too."

Muirne: "Me too!"

Bardolf: "Mettttoooo!!!"

Caspian pointing to one of *many* strip clubs around Squirrelly-Ville (which is the strip club/porn capital of the US I *crap* you not): "Hey we could go there."

KD: "Oh sure that would be FAB, heard they have good chicken BREASTS."

Caspian: "Well it's not true Mexican, but the atmosphere is entertaining."

Muirne: "We can't go there! That place is for MEN."

Bardolf: "Dat for Meeennnsss!!"

Caspian and KD speechless...then bursting into laughter.

KD: "Where does she get this stuff? What are you teaching her when I am not around?"

Caspian: "That is all her. I swear."


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