Tuesday, July 12, 2011

CRAP: My Go-To Word

So I say CRAP a lot. Like it is my go-to word for all the other words I really want to say but refrain from because I have an almost 6 year old who asks me things like:

"Mommy is Shit a bad word?"

RIGHT after I say it. Then of course there is Bardolf who is two and a half and just over the last 4-6 months really found his voice which of course makes him a human tape recorder that replays at the most inappropriate times.

Case in point:

While visiting with my 81 (really 82 but that is a whole 'nother story) year old grandma, who has not smoke, drank or cursed a day in her life, Bardolf proceeds to spout off the latest thing he learned from me--err Caspian, yeah from Caspian we'll go with that story--and after dropping a toy says, "God Damn it!!" He says this in front of her and Muirne doesn't skip a beat following it up with, "Brother that is a bad word, say CRAP".

Wow...Mother of the year award right here.

Now I know that crap may not be a horrible word, but really a swear is a swear, a curse is a curse right? In my defense my mom (Grammie) does not cuss. At all. But she does say Crap, like a lot, so that is where I get it from. Does that make it right or okay, no, but at least I can blame her for some of it.

I am just glad I cleaned up the sailor mouth before I had kids....kinda...at least I say shut the DUCK up instead of the alternative. Hey baby steps, ya know?

Please tell me I am not alone in my CRAPTASTIC linguistics and you all turn to some sort of go-to word. I am feeling a bit CRAPPY about not using more creative vocabulary.

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