Saturday, July 9, 2011

Proof that there needs to be a "Big Head" section

So for his size Bardolf kinda has a big head. This is something I have mentioned before, but seriously this kid's noggin is just a bit ahead of the rest of his body. For instance he is barely in a size 2T at nearly 3 years old, but can wear a size 4T hat. Catch my drift?

Yesterday we went to good ole Target to get some new jammies for the cooler weather and also to look at costumes. Muirne is going to be Dorothy (I know SO CUTE), Lizzard is going to be a pumpkin (Hello $9.99 for a pet costume, I totally had to) and Bardolf saw this dino and fell in love:

See how cute and smiley the little boy is in that little outfit? I know, right? How could I resist. So we bought it in size 2-3T, brought it home and he BEGGED to try it on. So we did:

Yeah...forget about "Husky" sizes for toddlers. They need to make "Brainy" sizes. Just sayin'.

***UPDATE*** So we went back to Target and tried on the bigger size and OMG it didn't fit! So Bardolf is going to be a Mouse. He picked it out yo. IDK why. It IS like the cutest thing EVER though. Will post pictures when it is closer to Halloween of all three. Stay tuned!

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