Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Disclaimer: This blog post may offend, disturb, and concern all of you that are good, loving, nurturing parents who actually know how to raise children with firm and loving or gentle and guiding parenting philosophies. I apparently have NO F-ING IDEA WHAT THE HELL I AM DOING and it will be painfully apparent. Just know that I never beat my children, I just drink after they go to bed and start over the next day. Oh, and no worries about having a responsible, sober adult. Caspian is sober (because he wants to take advantage of my drunk ass later) so the juveniles are always in at least one set of capable hands.

Muirne is just really pissing me off right now. I know a lot of it is her age. A lot of it is her hair (damn redheads) and a lot of it is her brother (little deviant is an instigator). Recently though she is becoming the kind of child that no one wants to be around because SHE LOST HER DAMN HEARING AND FORGOT HOW TO LISTEN TO ADULTS IN CHARGE OF HER!

She didn't really lose her hearing, but for shits sake if she doesn't start turning up her hearing aids (as I call it when she doesn't listen--figure of speech people) I am going to f-ing lose it. I can't go anywhere or do anything without CONSTANTLY repeating every single thing I have said to her at least five times.

Muirne, please get your hairbrush (TIMES FIVE)

Muirne, please feed Lizzard, she is hungry (TIMES FIVE THEN I DO IT)

Muirne, please pick up your toys (TIMES FIVE THEN I START PICKING UP MYSELF)

Muirne, please....(TIMES FIVE THOUSAND)!!!

Okay so I know I need to follow through and punish, but seriously she doesn't give a shit and honestly I am not sure what pisses me off more. The fact she doesn't listen in the first place or that she obviously has lost or never gained respect for my authority. The worst part is now it is all her relationships that are being affected. Anyone who tells her to do anything has to constantly repeat themselves. Grammie, Caspian, Ballet instructor, Bardolf, ANYONE!

Seriously I am at a loss. I really don't know what to do, but if things don't change I am afraid that she and I are going to have a REALLY CRAPTASTIC next 12+ years.

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