Saturday, February 11, 2012

What am I going to do with myself?

My MIL (Mom-in-law aka Gramma L) picked up Muirne today and will have her FOR THE WHOLE WEEKEND! Maybe even through Monday. Bardolf is unaware that she has gone to Gramma and Papa's (Papa J) house so when he wakes up he will be pretty po-ed, but Muirne needed the time alone with G & P.

Anyhoo, we have a pretty busy weekend planned. This afternoon we are having an early dinner with my Aunt and my Cousin who is in from Cali. After that we are going to a baseball game for my nephew's B-day (cross your fingers Bardolf makes it through the first inning). Tomorrow my mom (grammy) and her husband (T) are taking little Bardolf to visit with T's parents and then HE IS STAYING THE NIGHT WITH THEM!!

Caspian and I are having an afternoon/evening with friends and then back home. All alone! What are we going to do with ourselves???? I do know that I will be sleeping in. Caspian better not start that lawnmower before 9am. I'm just sayin'

Have a fabulous weekend my dear readers (all five of you)!



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