Monday, February 6, 2012

How to get your child to hate their bike 101

I am a bit frustrated. Well that is an understatement. I am really irritated and trying not to be which makes me frustrated and I really want to be supportive and encouraging. I. Just. Can't.

Muirne is not the like the Fearless Boy Wonder Bardolf. She likes water, love to swim but is has a fear that is not even healthy, but a bit extreme--even though she can swim. She also is afraid of Spiders. That one I have to take total blame for because I scream like my leg is being ripped from my body if I see one. She is also very emotional so these fears turn into crying hyperventilating tantrums. I know that the red hair has a lot to do with it. She can't help it. I also know that she (supposedly like me--I am not sure why Caspian and Grammy say that) is just wired to be more sensitive. However, she being afraid of riding her bike is seriously getting on my last nerve.

I have started walking at this fantastic park with a friend in the mornings and the plan is to have the two young ones (Bardolf and her Iz) to be in strollers and the two older ones to ride their bikes. Well her Ans is great! He would live on his bike if he could. She has to constantly yell out "Red Light" so we can catch up. Muirne on the other hand has to be constantly pushed and prodded to at least attempt to keep up. Muirne is also a year and a half OLDER then Ans. So my lovely walk with my friend and calm morning at the park turns into me being frustrated and irritated and Muirne being totally emotionally bent.


Being that today is Garbage Day we may not go this morning. Lizzard has had all her medication and I am not sure she could handle a walk, plus I am not sure I could get Muirne back on a bike. I traumatized her enough yesterday. Maybe we will just take her scooter....

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