Thursday, February 2, 2012

Inside my mind driving down I-5

You know when you are driving down the road and your mind starts to wander as the miles pass? Yeah, well that was me tonight driving home from my in-laws...Caspian and Muirne watched a DVD while Bardolf napped. This left me to my own devices when it came to conversation and music. I put in an eclectic mix of Oasis, Dixie Chicks, Def Leopard, an Abraham-Hicks inspirational CD, and some Christmas Music then hit random. As the miles passed and the background noise left me singing and pondering life, what ifs, and fantasies I came to a few simple conclusions:
  • I quite possibly may have missed my calling as a back-up singer for a rock band. Either that or I could be a lounge singer with a classic sound like Ella Fitzgerald.
  • People who drive Dodge Neons and cut me off a half dozen times in 10 miles need to take their medication.
  • I have my entire bedroom redecorated for the next time we move with Caspian's pending promotion. I also think that I can do it myself...
  • Bardolf is the most angelic thing napping I have ever seen.
  • I have road rage urges that I completely act out in my mind, which makes me giggle to myself which in turn snaps me out of my rage. Of course I look like a moron grinning goofily as I honk my horn while I get cut off.
  • While checking myself out in the mirror (dude you totally do it, don't deny it) I realized that I almost don't recognize myself with my hair dark (dyed it dark for the winter) and it makes me feel all mysterious.
  • My cousins are The. Funniest. Mo'Fo's. Evah. Hands down.
  • I think I look nice in green, but in reality I really don't.
  • Edward was my co-pilot for a while. Don't tell Caspian.
  • Range Rovers can suck it.
  • I really need to start sewing the Christmas gifts that I decided I needed to make....OMG.
So umm...yeah. See what happens when the car goes quiet in Squirrelly-ville?

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