Saturday, April 7, 2012

Friends, Freebies and Freedom! (WFMW)

With my Hair-do appointment coming up Friday, I was scrambling to get someone to watch the Juveniles for me. My Hair Goddess is very hard to get in to and doesn't have a lot of late afternoon appointments, nor does she work weekends. This of course makes it almost impossible to get a sitter for the kids unless it is planned out weeks in advance, usually ending up with one of my parents taking a half day off work. Granted I am super fortunate that I have such fantastic parents that would even consider doing it for me, but I feel guilty.

I could do this:
But I only do that for time-outs. Three hours would be a bit much I think. (Just so you all know this is not my child. I stole the pic from Photobucket.)
The other option is hiring a sitter. Well at $100 or more a pop to get my hair done (I know, I know, ridiculous-ness but it makes me happy and Caspian likes me Blonde) I just have a hard time spending the extra money on a sitter.
Lucky for me I have fabulous friends. Friends whose children I have watched when they were in a pinch or needed to get some things done sans juveniles. Friends who I TRUST. These friends and I swap childcare. Perfect option to get away guilt-free and not having to incur the cost of child-care.

This Friendly Freebie Works for me!

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