Sunday, April 8, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Week One

So not to get all mushy here, but I think that I would like to start taking time on Thursdays to write out what I am thankful for that has happened in the past week, or people I am thankful for, or projections of gratitude for the future. Feel free to join me and if you post something you are thankful for leave your link in the comments! Happy Thursday everyone!

For some time now I have kept a Gratitude Journal that I write in before bed each night. I have found that making a list right before bed sets me up for peaceful thoughts and I drift to sleep easily and contentedly. For this first Thankful Thursday I wanted to tell you the first three things I write in my journal every night.

I am Thankful and Grateful for:

  • My children, their life, love and health

  • My husband, his life, love and health

  • MY life, love and health

Seems simple, right? That is the beauty of writing things that you may take for granted but really should be aware and thankful for daily! I surprise myself when I get butterflies EVERY TIME I write those three phrases at night. No matter what happens throughout my day those three things don't ever seem to change and I can always be thankful for my family.

So nutty readers! What are you thankful for today!?

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