Thursday, February 10, 2011

Squirrelly Gang Road Trek 2008--Alcoholic Beverages Mandatory.

If you happen to be in the state of Washington over the next week and see a big white Suburban with this sticker on it:

and a woman in the front passenger seat sipping on a flask and that would be me. We are embarking on a 958 mile trek covering many areas of the state starting the 12th and not returning until the 19th, visiting family and friends of Caspian's. Take note that I did not say family and friends of OURS. He so owes me.

The entire Squirrelly Gang will be in the Suburban for the duration with the occasional extra passengers. At least it will make good blogging material. Thankfully there will be alcohol at every stop. Think of me my dears...Oh and I will also be annoying the crap out of you all with tweets and twipics, as well as blogging at various stops when I can! Stay tuned!

PS: To anyone who knows us or has figured out where we live, just because we are gone don't think you can get away with stealing my flowers or Caspian's car. My neighbor is a police officer, my other neighbor is retired special forces military, now working for the county jail, and his wife is Vietnamese, 'nuff said.

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