Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tattoos--there is a reason that tough bikers get them..

...and I probably shouldn't.

I have a tattoo (well actually two, but one is a cover-up of my first--don't EVER get matching tattoos) and I don't remember it being that awful other then mostly annoying then kinda numb. I also must point out that it is all filled in black, about the size of a dollar bill and on my left shoulder blade. Not a horrible place to get one, but not the most comfortable either.

Anyhoo, for quite some time (years people) I have wanted to get my feet tattooed, something for the kids but I wasn't sure what. The tattoo on my back is a hibiscus (my favorite flower) and so I got the idea that I would get some hibiscus flowers on my feet. One on the left with the initial "M" for Muirne, who is left handed. One on the right with the initial "B" for Bardolf who is favoring his right hand.

So after toying with the idea of getting it done somewhat soon, I realized that this weekend would be the perfect opportunity since the Juveniles went up to my in-laws for the weekend this morning. I will have two and a half days to heal a bit before they come home.

So I call my dear Rhi-bananan for moral support and I make an appointment after a consult to have my tattoos done today at two. Well I finally got in about 2:45 which had given me ample time to FREAK THE HELL OUT about getting my feet tattooed. The artists name was Matt and he was really fabulous. He took his time and positioned and repositioned the designs he had made and got to it after asking me this:

"Any questions before I start?"

I had a couple questions, mostly how bad will this hurt and could I run down the street to the mini-mart for a case of beer first. Pretty much having the tops of my feet tattooed was more painful then childbirth. Okay maybe not that bad but I think handing out shots at tattoo parlors should be mandatory. Jut sayin'.

I am truly pleased with the outcome. Here is a peak:



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