Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Yesterday afternoon we went to the local spray park to cool off and let off steam as temperatures here have finally decided to be summer-like and then some. Bardolf had a short , late nap so the fun was compounded by the fact that he was in short, Cranky.

Muirne jumped right in and started running through the water. Bardolf, on the other hand, was not his usual Fearless Boy Wonder and instead paced around the outside watching the water gun/canons that were being utilized by some boys that had got to them first.

To say Bardolf was agitated by the fact that he not only had to wait his turn, but the other boys were not exactly excited to share is an understatement. He paced and cried and yelled about wanting to use the guns. I told him that he would have to wait his turn. So he did. Then he was in heaven, until he had to give up his turn so someone else could have a turn.

As you can imagine the concept of taking turns at two-and-a-half is as best sporadically understood. He was extremely distraught and continued to fixate on his desire for the guns. This got old, so we took a break, had a snack and enjoyed the comical view.

Last night Bardolf started to cry out in his sleep. I could tell he was dreaming so I listened intently to see if he needed me to come in or if he would drift off again. All of a sudden I overheard this:

Bardolf: "NO! NO, dat MY TURN! You give me wat-r gun!! NO! YOU SHARE DAT WAT-R GUN!!"

Yep even strung-out about it in his dreams....

Because this post would be incomplete without them--some pictures:

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