Sunday, January 9, 2011

Yeah, So you know that whole Stretchie-to-Six-Pack Thing?

Oh you don't remember? Yeah me neither, until now. I have been a total slacker occupied by fixing accidental Stumbles with P*rn Tags obligations and have not been taking my Stretchie-to-Six-Pack 5K Ass Challenge seriously. Mrs. G. I humbly ask for your forgiveness for my crappiness as a 5K Ass Challenge participant.

Well that all changes now! The next couple Wednesdays I will have guest posts from two fabulous fitness Bloggers. Yoga Grrl and Mark Salinas, MN. Seriously these two rock my socks and have graciously after my threat of stalking agreed to help my nutty self and you nutty readers to get a firmer flatter tummy and maybe a kickin' ass. So stay tuned for some Squirrel-rific tips and tricks starting next Wednesday!

PS: I have lost about 3lbs since this picture was taken, but I need to tone BADLY!

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