Friday, March 4, 2011

I almost forgot my head, but luckily it's attached.

The juveniles have swim classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Bardolf's class is 4:30-5pm then we break for an hour and come back for Muirne's class from 6-6:30pm. I put their swim bag in the locker room before Bardolf's class and leave it there until Muirne is finished with hers. Just one less thing to haul around that we don't have to. Well last week Caspian went to class with us. We watched Bardolf, headed out for an hour, then came back for Muirne's. While we were headed back in I stop and look at Caspian.

KD: "Will you grab their swim backpack?"
Caspian: "I don't see it."
KD: " It must be in the back, or maybe between the seats."
Caspian: "It isn't in here."
KD sighing: "Yes it is, you just aren't looking! Let me look."
KD: "CRAP! I must have taken it inside when we went home! Can you go home and get it? Geesh!"
Caspian, shaking his head: "Be right back."
KD turning quickly: "CASPIAN STOP!!"
Caspian: "Huh..."
KD sheepishly: "I forgot I left it in the Locker Room like I always do..."
Caspian: "Sometimes I wonder how you make it through the day."

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