Tuesday, March 8, 2011

You Know How There Are Like The Longest Weeks Ever?

Well this is one of them.

Caspian is waiting on yet more news of possible promotion. He is an assistant manager now and we have been waiting nearly three years for his promotion. Now before you are all like what the hell is wrong with him that he has had to wait three years, let me just say that there were circumstances (his bosses got shuffled, then one of his bosses did something bad and then his boss that did something bad almost left the company....blah blah blah) that had nothing to do with Caspian but directly affected him, so his promotion had to wait.

Well once all of that crap was cleared up, Caspian could start putting in for promotions. His company kind of does it weird to where you have to apply to be on "The List" for manager, then you "Run" for stores. In a way it is really cool because everyone gets the same chance to apply for anything that comes open. On the other hand, it means WAITING for them to make a decision on each store, which you have about a one in twenty chance of getting.

So you can see my dilemma.

The most recent opening would mean a move. This move would mean being split right between our families geographically, which would be pretty awesome and sad at the same time. Right now we are close to all my family, but that means being about 2-3 hours from Caspian's parents. In spite of moving away from my family we are VERY excited about this opportunity. It would mean buying a house for the first time. We have held off buying because we have always moved with every job change and now with the market being in the toilet for selling we are so glad we waited.

So nutty readers, keep us in your thoughts. We sure can use them this week! FRIDAY COME FAST!!

Oh and I promise a really Nut-a-licious post soon. Today, however I am just too distracted.

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