Thursday, March 3, 2011

Penis Envy

You know size really doesn't matter. So they say. However if you happen upon my bedroom and you hear the shower running and two people having a conversation don't be surprised what you hear.

Caspian: Hey you want to jump in the shower real quick so we can go to dinner?

Bardolf (Who did you think it was going to be? You pervs): OOO can I take shower wid you Da-a-ee??

Caspian: Sure buddy, lets hurry though so we can get to dinner.

Bardolf: Okay. Da-ee?

Caspian: Yes Buddy?

Bardolf: When I get Big do my Penie get big like you?

Caspian: Uh....

KD: Yep your penie get real big, bigger then Daddy! (*snort*)

Bardolf: COOL!!

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