Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hi Headache? We need to talk.

Me: Yo, I know you have made yourself comfortable and all, but it's time for you to go.

KD's Headache: Duuudde! It's only been three weeks. I still have lots of time!

Me: No see that is the issue. I totally understand that you have a purpose to serve, that you are one of my body's warning systems that something is not right, but I KNOW what the problem is now. You can go.

KD's Headache: Oh you THINK you know. Just because you had a cold and then some neckaches, followed by a trip to your in-laws in the land of cats doesn't mean you know why I am here.

Me: No see you are wrong. When I took the Ibuprofen and allergy/cold stuff you went away.

KD's Headache: No I was just sleeping. Even headaches need naps Dude.

Me: That is the stupidest crap I have ever heard. You aren't even alive!

KD's Headache: But I am alive to YOU.

Me: Only because I gave you life sucka. As soon as I have some coffee and drugs you are outta here!

KD's Headache: Nope I just will be napping. I like to mess with you that way. I will be back full force as soon as your self-medication wears off!

Me: You are an evil evil troll. Just GO AWAY! I am tired of talking to you.

KD's Headache: You can never defeat me!

Yeah so obviously my brain is totally messed up right now. Seriously I cannot take this anymore. Any suggestions???

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