Saturday, November 12, 2011

Booze, Barf, Banquets, Bubbles, Belching, Ballet and Boogie

Umm...So I still have not caught up on my reader. I am not ignoring you my dear bloggy friends I promise. I am reading TODAY! I promised myself. Oh and if there is like a SUPER IMPORTANT POST that I need to read from you please link it in the comments. I don't want to miss it.

Okay now that is all out of the way. Here is the Bullet Random Recap of the last week or so.
  • Booze: If you are drinking margaritas made by Caspian then gin and tonics made by the bartender that Caspian is tipping well, TWO is plenty. Oh and don't drink wine when you have finished the aforementioned drinks. Wine+Strong Booze=Puking in a public restroom. Yes I did. I don't have anything else to say about that.

  • Barf: Really really don't mix alcohol in case you didn't catch my drift before. It. Is. Bad.

  • Banquets: What is it about buffet-style banquets that make me eat like a freaking cow? I am basically at week one of my stretch marks to six pack after everything I ate. UGGG!

  • Bubbles: Muirne is taking two weeks of swim classes. We started Monday and have the weekend off then go back through Thursday of next week. She told me the class was too easy and she is bored, after the first day. Awesome. Bardolf however is thoroughly enjoying splashing the shit out of me during the pre-school open swim, so I guess 1 of of 3 enjoying themselves isn't too bad.

  • Belching: Lizzard burps. A lot. I have never heard a dog burp. Fart yes. Burp no, until Lizzard. WTF?
  • Ballet: Muirne had her very first ballet recital. She did AWESOME and because I want to show you the sickeningly pink perfection that she was here are pictures and video (the video is only a minute and a half long so you better watch it dammit):

  • Boogie: Bardolf was totally into the recital. There was Jazz, Tap, Lyrical and Ballet. The music moved him and I just couldn't resist sharing him getting his grove on:

So there's the recap. Regular posting will resume as soon as my reader is in the single digits again. If the cuteness was too much for you I promise to bitch and moan the next post for you M'kay?


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