Thursday, January 6, 2011

BYOB or Wine, or Booze us Squirrelly Dwellers aren't picky!

Auds over at Casa Barking Mad invited me to a Cyber Dinner Party. This Nutty Readers, is an invitation that I received quite some time ago and in all my SUCKTASTIC-NESS I am just getting around to writing my list. I am supposed to invite 10 bloggy friends to invite, but since I am new I am only inviting a small handful. I know Auds, I SUCK! I am trying M'Kay?

So in no particular order I invite the following bloggers whom I have grown to adore (oh if you have already been invited then GO YOU and consider it a double invite):

  • Alias Mother Who works, pumps, and keeps it real. I dig her honest writing. Makes me feel like I am sitting chatting with someone over coffee.
  • Creative Momma She is CLASSY. You can just tell. She always has a kind post and makes me want to be more creative. BONUS: Her daughter is the CUTEST and she posts pictures of the cuteness often
  • Does this Blog Make My Butt Look Big All I can say is she makes me laugh and I totally think we may have been separated at birth. She gets me and I like her.
  • Mamasphere Anyone that can go to church and come out not necessarily moved by the spirit, but moved by an accent is someone that I need to hang with.

Okay so my list is short. I like many, many more, but I do know that some have already been invited and I need to get this list posted before Auds kicks my ass.



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