Wednesday, January 5, 2011

When All Hope Was Lost...

I had become disenchanted with all others. Years of disappointment, broken promises and incompetence had left me feeling that there could never be one to satisfy my wants, desires, needs, and obsessions.

After being let down once again by my last after years of trying to make excuses for the shortcomings and the heartache, I vowed never again to settle for second best. That the next time it would be different. I would get what I deserved and I would expect only the best.

Urged by my friends and family to quit selling myself short, I decided that today was the day. Today things would be different. Today I would find my one true love. A love that would embrace my obsessions, never falter and not only live up to expectations but surpass them.

Today I found True Love.

The Juveniles share that love.

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