Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lizzard Has Been Banished To The Garage

at least until Loaner Baby goes home.

It is Tuesday again....**sigh**, on top of it all Loaner Baby has a cold, though I must say she is being a trooper. I pulled out the little people stuff for the Juveniles in the toy room and that seems to have them all happily occupied for a moment, which gives me the change to complain. I know, I know, Auds Attitude of Gratitude and all that. I am just NOT feeling it today.

Garbage day started off as every other garbage day but today seemed particularly bad. She has started showing more and more nervousness other days of the week too. Anyhoo she was freaking out as I was getting Smoothies ready and Muirne runs in to tell me she has pooed. IN THE HOUSE PEOPLE! Not only that but peed yet again. I cleaned up the mess put her in the garage with her bed and food and water dishes (all our chemicals are in cabinets so she is safe).

I call Caspian and whine to him (like he has nothing better to do then listen to me complain) we agree that we need to reconsider a visit to the vet for some sort of Prozac or sedative or both. Gramma L's bro in law is a vet and he suggested we consult with our vet for medication for her. We have an appointment Friday at 8:30am. Man...

At this point if she doesn't get better we don't know what we are going to do. We have not heard back from Cesar and we cannot return her to the rescue. The kids love her too much. I love her too, just not right now.

Any advice my five faithful readers?? I really need it. My family needs it. Most of all Lizzard needs it.

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