Sunday, October 9, 2011

CRAP! So there was this like big important thing!

Where have you BEEEN? What have you been DOOOING?

I know you have asked those questions, at least in my mind you all care and love me and miss my stretch-marked-soon-to-be-six-pack. I actually kinda forgot all about the big IMPORTANT meeting Caspian's company has every year and guess what? It was this past week. So I am back, kinda. My reader is busting at the seams with new posts to catch up on, so I will be spending the next couple days catching up on my reading, which means not too much posting. That and Caspian is off of work until Monday. Oh and the temps are in the 100's so we will be spending our time at the pool. So dearest readers, I will have squirrelly stories and nutty pictures to share starting back on Monday. Until then I will be stalking my reader and soaking up sun and chlorine.

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