Sunday, October 9, 2011

Things Bardolf Knows For Sure

With Muirne starting kindergarten, Bardolf and I have been having more conversations during our alone time in the morning. Most of these revolve around questions and answers. The other day, however, Bardolf was in the statement making mood and was telling me things he knew for sure. For instance:

"Dat right dare is my Blanket. I like my Blanket."

"Wizzie don't wike dose quirrels. She bark at dem."

"Dat is your coffee momma, you wike dat."

"Dat sissy skool bus. She come home now."

"I do draw dat picture. I wike dat color on dare."

You catch my drift. Things that an almost three year old says because they think out loud, and want reassurance that their truths are right. Shortly after rattling off this list of things he holds as truths, he sits quietly contemplative. Suddenly he smirks, reaches his hand down his pants, and proudly proclaims:

"My Penie! It getting Bigger!!"

Bardolf. What can I say....

PS: Because I have been trying to keep limits on what I share and don't share I have considered not sharing this story about Bardolf, but SERIOUSLY! I totally had to tell you all because it cracked me UP!

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