Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's Official!!

Our offer was ACCEPTED!!

Yes Nutty Readers we will soon be homeowners in our new city! We will have the inspection later this week and hopefully close by the end of next month. Muirne has already decided on a two-tone pink bedroom with a canopy over the head of her bed, and Bardolf wants blue stripes and cars. For the toy/bonus room I am leaning towards a light green. The rest of the rooms will most likely stay as they are, with the exception of one wall in the dining area and the master suite. Also we plan on painting the brass on the fireplace. I PROMISE to post pictures of the finished rooms, but until then, here are a few from the listing (sorry they are so small...I am not sure why!):
BackYard (the lot is 1/2 acre!)

Living Room

Dining Room and Kitchen

Front Entry

Thank you all again SO MUCH for the good thoughts and comments!


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