Monday, October 3, 2011

Public Broadcasting, WALL-E, Thunder and Lightning, Mudbugs, SO RANDOM! (Monday Madness)

This weekend started off with a bang tourturing Bardolf and ended with a bang! Because it is Monday and I can't ever seem to have cohesive thoughts after the weekend, especially when Caspian has the whole weekend off (not just Sunday) so I have some Bullets of Random-ness for you.
  • Bardolf really truly is traumatized and if we even mention the words "hair" and "cut" in the same sentence he starts to cry. Awesome.
  • Alandra and her hubby had us over for dinner. And Mud-Bugs. Mud-bugs that were trying to escape the bag in the fridge. They thought they had 6 but we could only find 4. That will be a fun surprise later on.

  • Caspian's Nova was not braking properly, so he worked on it for about 5 hours Sunday. My 'burb's brakes have been squeaking for about a month and he still hasn't fixed it. Priorities??

  • Murine was watching TV while Bardolf napped and I cleaned up lunch. I suddenly heard singing. Like opera/musical singing. I asked her what she was watching. She said "PBS Kids" So I look at the screen and it is some sort of military musical. Weird. I tell her that yes it is PBS but not PBS Kids. She insisted it was and continued to watch it for half an hour until her My Little Ponies missed her. M'kay....
  • Lizzard once again proved she is Mental and needs her Prozac. I foolishly trusted her to jump into the 'Burb when I opened the door. Nope she ran right past us then wedge herself through a fence into a neighbor's backyard down the street where she proceeded to take a large poo... MEN-TAL.
  • I have decided that I want to live in Lizzard's brain for the day on a Sunday. Must be interesting.
  • I also have decided I want to live in Bardolf's brain everyday. I think it must be fun.
  • Bardolf is still too young to go to a movie in a theatre. Not even WALL-E could keep him entertained for more then 30 minutes, though the rest of the Sqirrelly-Gang thought it was pretty darned cute (and had a pretty neat message)!
  • Spaghetti is my fall-back plan. Everyone will eat it and it is easy. I need to make it more often.
  • Thunder and Lightning storms cut out our original swimming plans for Sunday, but on the flip side watching them with the kids was fantastic! I forgot how much I enjoy them, especially when you can listen to them without a five year old jabbering your ear off....

(I got lucky and snapped this picture of the lightning above the trees across the street)

That's all Folks! Enjoy your Monday!


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