Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Ode to Mike Rowe

In the spirit of the "Secret Boyfriends" of Mrs. G and my promise to MommyPie with whom I share this particular Secret Boyfriend:
My Ode to Mike Rowe
When first I saw your handsome face
You were in quite a filthy place
Your brow was sweaty, you most like smelled of fish
Oyster hauling was your tryst

From that moment I was forever changed
Dirty Jobs was the Yin to my Yang
I feverishly searched while Caspian was away
For any time spot that your show might play

As I tuned in every episode your tasks grew greater
Your drive for grime and grit never to waver
I plugged my nose and shut one eye
But still the filth would not be denied

Through all the mess and all the muck
Your wit is which by I was struck
Never are you slow to toy
“I am a Dirty Boy”

So this ode my Secret Boyfriend I write
The only witness is the glow of the monitor light
Stay dirty my love and let the common man shine
As you ask us all to tune in next time.

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